Latest TOP Karachi JOBS 2024 | Factory, Company, Helpers Jobs

In the ever-evolving job market, staying informed about the latest opportunities is crucial for those seeking employment. In this comprehensive blog, we’ll explore a range of exciting job prospects in Karachi, Pakistan, covering positions in factories, companies, and various other sectors.

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Technician Roles in Solar Projects

The first job opportunity we’ll discuss is for a technician role in a solar project. The company is seeking individuals with 3-4 years of experience in laying solar cables. The candidate must have a bike and a mobile phone. Interested applicants can send their CVs to bt.com or call 021-35122501-5 extension f5. This position is specifically for Karachi.

Field Service Technicians and Industrial Technicians

The next set of job openings is for field service technicians and industrial technicians. The company is looking for individuals with experience in electrical, electronic, and instrument technician work, including inverter wiring and control panel maintenance. A valid bike and at least one year of experience are required. Interested candidates can send their CVs to career@kpc.com or contact the mobile number 0301-8241554

Single and Three-Phase AR Technicians

An industrial company is currently seeking single and three-phase AR technicians. The salary range for these positions is between 30,000 to 35,000 PKR, depending on the candidate’s qualifications. Interested applicants can contact the mobile number 0300 2611506

Construction-Related Roles in Karachi

A construction contractor company in Karachi is in urgent need of several positions, including a quantity surveyor with 7-10 years of experience in the construction industry, a civil engineer with 7-10 years of site management experience, an accountant with 5-10 years of experience, and a storekeeper with 5-10 years of experience. Interested candidates can contact the WhatsApp number 03218733243 to apply for the desired position.

Technicians for Household Appliance Repair and Maintenance

A company specializing in the repair and maintenance of household appliances, such as refrigerators, deep freezers, air conditioners, water dispensers, automatic washing machines, and microwaves, is seeking technicians. The company also requires electricians and auto electricians. Interested individuals can contact the mobile number 0332 2288365.

Opportunities in an Engineering Workshop

An engineering workshop is in need of the following personnel:

* Lathe machine operators with middle-pass experience
* Fabricators
* Welders
* Helpers

Preference will be given to candidates residing in the site area and nearby residential areas. Interested applicants can send their CVs to the mobile number 03008973513

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Learning Opportunities in AC and Electric Water Cooler Repair

A position is available for a matriculate interested in learning about air conditioning and electric water cooler repair. The location is Plot No. L 25, Block 21, Federal B Area, Sajjan Gali, Karachi. The mobile number for contact is 033321 26720.

Technicians and Helpers for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

In Mahmoodabad, there is a need for technicians and helpers for air conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical work. Interested candidates can contact the numbers 03161 2818 or 0312 2187 1557.

Lady Warden Opportunity in a Textile Mill

A renowned Marouf Textile Mills unit in Korangi is seeking a lady warden. The position includes on-site accommodation for the candidate’s family, and the company will provide benefits according to its policies. Experienced and educated women can contact Amad Uddin at 0330 28557 31 or Sami Ur Rehman at 0321 259 5961 for more information.

Supervisory Roles in a Textile Company’s Towel Department

A textile company is in need of a wing production in-charge and a supervisor for its towel department. The minimum educational requirement is an intermediate degree, and a minimum of 5 years of experience is preferred. Interested candidates can WhatsApp their resumes to 12892 557 or send an email to jobs@22@gmail.com.

Skilled Hosiery Workers Needed

A hosiery company in Korangi, Murtuza Chowrangi, is seeking experienced overlook and singer operators. The work involves both contract and salaried positions, as well as cropping and checking tasks. Interested candidates can contact 0317 28011.

AC Technician Training Opportunity

An opportunity is available for matriculate individuals interested in learning air conditioning work. The salary range is 15,000 to 35,000 PKR. Interested candidates can contact the mobile number 0341 6497.

AC Technicians and Helpers Needed

Techno House is in need of AC technicians and helpers. The contact numbers are 0318 2569 13 and 0300 226007.

AC Technician Needed for a Plant in Korangi

Junaid Engineering requires an AC technician for their Korangi plant. Interested candidates can send their CVs to the email address mohammad.junaid63@yahoo.com.

Construction Workers Needed

The company is in need of the following workers:

* Electricians with 2 helpers
* Carpenters with 2 helpers
* Welders with 2 helpers

Preference will be given to those residing near M.J.Ina Road. The contact mobile number is 0334 5344 53.

Generator Operator Needed for an ISO-Certified Company

An ISO-certified company is seeking a generator operator for their rental generators. The candidate should have 2-3 years of experience and a diploma. Interested applicants can send their CVs with a recent photo to the email address hrs.com@pk.

Second-Class Boiler Engineer Needed

The company is looking for a second-class boiler engineer who can operate both gas and diesel PLC boilers and is familiar with RO and softening plants. The contact number is 0336 366 2663, and the email address is jishaan@attrading.com.

Electrical Diploma Holders with Construction Experience

The company is seeking electrical diploma holders with 5-7 years of experience working with a contractor on multi-story building projects. They should be able to read drawings, perform PQC, and carry out new installations. They also require a storekeeper with 5 years of experience in MS Word and Excel. Interested candidates can contact 033 3169 71 or email es@gmail.com.

Diesel Generator Mechanics Needed

A Karachi-based workshop is in need of diesel generator mechanics with 5 years of experience in diesel engine repair, top overhaul, and major overhaul. Interested applicants can send their CVs to ht.com.pk or call 02135 22501 extension f.

AC Technicians and Helpers for Defense Sector

In the defense sector, there is a need for AC technicians to install and maintain refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as well as helpers. CSO personnel are also required. The contact mobile number is 0300 5393 77.

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Latest TOP Karachi JOBS 2024 | Factory, Company, Helpers Jobs

The busy city of Karachi is full of job prospects for 2024. It offers jobs in factories, companies, and for helpers. This variety makes it possible for people with different skills and experience to find work.1

These jobs are easy to find, thanks to ads in top Pakistani newspapers. You can see them in Jang, Express, The News, and many more. This keeps job seekers in Karachi updated on new opportunities.1

Latest TOP Karachi JOBS 2024 | Factory jobs | Company Jobs | Helpers jobs

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse job opportunities in Karachi for 2024, spanning factory, company, and helper roles.
  • Latest job openings being advertised in major Pakistani newspapers.
  • Opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers in Karachi’s thriving job market.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits packages for qualified candidates.
  • Streamlined application process with flexible interview options for non-local applicants.

Explore the Thriving Job Market in Karachi

Karachi is Pakistan’s biggest city and a key financial center. It plays a major role in the country’s economy.2 You’ll find job opportunities here in sectors like manufacturing, services, and logistics.

Karachi’s Economic Significance

Karachi’s location and strong economy make it a hub for many industries. This attracts people from different backgrounds to work here. It is known for its port, financial activities, and industries, boosting Pakistan’s growth.

Diverse Industries and Job Opportunities

The karachi job market is diverse. It offers jobs in tech, healthcare, education, and retail. Professionals of all kinds can find work here.

In tech, Karachi is great for software developers and data analysts.2 The financial industry offers jobs in banking and finance, suited for number-savvy individuals.2 The healthcare sector needs doctors, nurses, and others all the time.2

Karachi’s schools need teachers and administrators. The demand for education roles is high.2 The retail industry is also growing, needing more salespeople and customer service staff.

In Karachi, there are many job paths to choose from. It caters to people with different skills and interests.


Latest TOP Karachi JOBS 2024 | Factory jobs | Company Jobs | Helpers jobs

More Information video click here.https://youtu.be/VwVSd-dnc5Y?si=yDacz9UwNA4u7he-

In Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest city, you’ll find lots of job chances. This includes factory, company, and helper jobs. Many industries offer work, for both skilled and new workers.

Factory Jobs in Karachi

Factories in Karachi cover areas like textile, cars, and making things. People with any skill from basic to technical find work here. The city’s industries need more skilled workers, which is good news if you’re looking for factory work.

Company Jobs in Karachi

Karachi has lots of company jobs in finance, tech, and services, too. These jobs pay well and offer chances to grow. It’s a great place for ambitious pros to advance their careers.

Helper Roles in Karachi

There are also many helper jobs in Karachi. This includes roles in offices, stores, and doing general work. They’re good for starting out in this busy city’s economy.


Job Search Strategies for Karachi

In Karachi, job seekers have many ways to find great job opportunities.3 They can use online job portals like FindlyJobs for a large selection of jobs.4 These sites make it easy with filters and tailored recommendations to match your needs.3

Online Job Portals

Seeking jobs in Karachi? Try checking out CareerOkay.com, Indeed, and LinkedIn online.4 You’ll find jobs at all levels, from new to experienced.3 These websites also provide up-to-date info and advice to help you compete in Karachi’s job market.3

Newspaper Classifieds

Dawn and The News still list many jobs in their newspapers.4 Even with the rise of online searching, checking these papers is smart. It’s a place where companies often share their job ads.4

Networking and Referrals

Networking and using contacts can lead to job success in Karachi.4 Recommendations from people already in a company are very effective. So are internships that can lead to full-time jobs.4 Don’t forget about improving your skills through workshops and courses. This can keep you strong in the job market.4




Karachi, Pakistan, has a lively job market that offers many jobs in different fields.2 This includes jobs in technology, finance, healthcare, education, and retail. So, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your skills are.2

In Karachi, employers look for technical skills and soft skills in job seekers.2 The city also supports working from home. This makes it easier to balance work and personal life.2

Looking for a job in Karachi? Use online job portals, newspaper ads, and connect with people to find the right job.5 Also, the government is working to create more jobs and help people improve their skills. So, the job future here is promising for those looking to grow their career.2


What are the latest top Karachi jobs for 2024?

In Karachi, job opportunities for 2024 are wide, from factory to helper roles. You can find these in top Pakistani newspapers like Jang and Dawn. They also appear in papers like Aaj and Jasarat.

What is the significance of Karachi in the Pakistani job market?

Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city and a key to its economy. It’s a center for trade, commerce, and industry. This brings many job chances, from making things to helping businesses run.

What types of factory, company, and helper jobs are available in Karachi?

…Karachi’s job scene is full of opportunities. There are jobs in factories making things like clothes and cars. And in companies from many fields. Helpers are also needed to support different businesses.

How can job seekers in Karachi find the latest job opportunities?

If you’re looking for work in Karachi, start online. Sites like FindlyJobs are great for job searching. But also check the newspaper and network. This mix can help you find good jobs in the city.

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More Information video click here.https://youtu.be/VwVSd-dnc5Y?si=yDacz9UwNA4u7he-

Latest TOP Karachi JOBS 2024

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