Repair & Replacement Your Mobile Phone Charging Jack.

f your phone is charging very slow, or not at all all, there are chances that the charging jack is bad. This problem can easily be fixed through charging jack replacement. Since we use our phones so much now a days, they also require a lot of charging. This eventually wears out the charging jack which leads to our phones charging at a glacial pace. While our first thought is that the battery is going bad, more often than not it’s actually just a fault with the charging pins. Fortunately, this part of the phone can easily be replaced inexpensively by The Techno Zone !


If you try to get cheap local repairs, then there’s always a risk of poor quality parts or getting your genuine parts stolen! However, you need not worry about this anymore. Mobile charging jack replacement costs will no longer bother you as The Techno Zone has a robust solution for you.


We have made the process of phone charging jack repair extremely easy and cost-effective for you, follow the steps below:


  • Head onto the Cashify website or  download our app

  • Go to the “Repair Phone” section

  • Select your phone’s manufacturer from the list of brands

  • Choose your phone model

  • Select “charger jack” from repair services

  • Schedule an appointment at your convenience

Repair Estimate for your Smartphone & Laptop!

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